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>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> tonight, a look on the floor and i see. >> that's the man who broke the boston bombing case wide open. tonight, for the first time, we're hearing from the boat owner who heard the surviving suspect. >> i thought they said rice. >> the suspect in another terrorist act set free what went wrong against the ricin mailer. >>> and a fake tweet sends wall street into a tail spin. what the reaction says about social media and internet security. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. investigators say he was ambushed and killed for his gun during the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile, we're learning more about how the bombs were built and when. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev walked into the fire works store and bought two lock and load kits. contained 24 shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pre
lawmakers took aim at such events. kpix 5's don knapp is at san francisco's city hall where an antigun rally just ended. don? >> reporter: that's right anne. this is one of throe locations in the bay area today where people weric piecing feelings about -- expressing feelings about gun control by the actions they were taking. [ people chanting ] one of these gun control advocates protesting here at san francisco's city hall is mindy. she knows about gun violence firsthand. she was a teenagers camp counselor when she was shot with an adult and three children in california in 199 bring a white supremacist. >> he walked in and shooting overing -- started shooting over 70 rounds of ammunition out of a semiautomatic weapon and i was shot twice in the leg and as we ran outside he continued shooting and there were five of us wounded that day. he shot and killed a filipino american postal worker. >> reporter: the newtown shootings reminded her of her goal of achieving gun control. >> newtown made me feel like a failure. mothier represent their children who didn't make it and that's a responsibility i
on the news at 5:00 and you can also follow the story at our website, >>> online scammers are already looking to profit from the boston marathon bombings. dozens of charity websites were created shortly after the attack. experts say it's too early to tell if the sites are legitimate. scams are more likely on social media. do your homework before donating money. >>> and we have an update now on the martinez boy who was injured in boston. aaron hern's mother reports on facebook that her 12-year-old son has opened his eyes, a couple of times. she says he has communicated with nods that he is okay, he is comfortable. aaron is due to have surgery sometime today. he is expected to remain in boston for at least another week. >>> some developing news out of washington, d.c. this hour. security is on high alert after the discovery of a suspicious letter addressed to the president. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in the newsroom with what authorities have found so far. >> reporter: initial tests on the letters to president obama indicate the presence of the poison ricin. three
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members. >> clues to the case delivered to the public. the fbi's appeal to help find who men who may be the boston marathon bombers. another developing story tonight in boston where a police officer has been shot and killed on the m.i.t. campus. what we are learning led up to the campfire. and, more than 24 hours after a massive blast. the search continues for victims of a fertilizer plant explosion. what we know so far about the confirmed victims. good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. liz and ken are off tonight. they are the two most wanted men in america. the fbi says these may be the faces of the boston marathon bombers. tonight they are reaching out to the public for any information on who and where they might be. cbs reporter is live in boston to tell us how investigators were able to zero in on these two in the crowd. >> after the fbi put the images of the suspects on their website, they had a record number of hits. in fact, at one point
is in effect. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec explains how some drivers are now bending the rules. >> reporter: it has been 30 days since this toll plaza went all-electronic and the people in charge here say it's overall been a success short of two issues that keep cropping up. the speed limit through the plaza is 25. but since there's no more stopping to pay tolls -- >> we have had people in the 60s, high 60s, go through. and that's far too fast. >> reporter: the chp says it saw a lot of speeders on day one and then people seem to be deterred by a higher officer presence but lately lead feet have taken over again. >> the lanes are very narrow and if you are going through there at 60 miles an hour, it doesn't take much to the left or to the right to put that vehicle into a toll lane. >> reporter: the other issue, cheaters in the carpool lane without tolltakers to verify the required three people in each vehicle. drivers have been sneaking through. >> we had the eyes and the person and the button in the booth. now we don't have that. >> reporter: part of the problem could be confusion. carpool
that they have identified as possible witnesses. and as always, we'll have continuing coverage on kpix 5 and on >>> the man charged with mailing toxic letters to the president and others says he is surprised by his arrest. paul kevin curtis made his first courpearce today. the letters were intercepted by mail testing falities they never reached the president or the senator. preliminary results show that they do contain the deadly poison ricin. family members say curtis felt he was mistreated by the government. if convicted he faces 15 years in jail. >>> back home a bay area anniversary forced to change gears for the first time in over 100 years. san francisco marked the 107th anniversary of the great quake. kpix 5's elissa harrington tells us that was not enough to break tradition. >> reporter: that's right. organizers did have to scramble to make some last-minute changes but all in all, ceremonies went off without a hitch including the painting of the historic fire hydrant in the mission district, a fitting color considering firefighters tell me it's worth its weight in gold.
the resources necessary to implement the security they would like. kpix 5 phil matier on what can still be done. phil. >> that's right, they had a meeting down in san mateo today, and school officials, law enforcement officials psychologists, even a congresswoman was in attendance because this is an issue that's very close to home down there. >> reporter: it was almost 4 years ago that then 18-year-old alexander stormed into the high school in san mateo wielding a chain saw, a samurai sword and ten pipe bombs. jeff gilbert was one who helped tackle and hold him down until police arrived preventing what could have been a l high school tragedy. >> we were fortunate to avoid serious violence. >> reporter: four years later. >> walke talkes in every classroom, we've done a lot of that in terms of security have you added cameras, guards or anything like that. >> not guards. we have security cameras, which act as a deterrent. the students know they are there, and they know we see things that happen. happen. we don't have security additional like a school resource officer at this time. >> reporter: one
. >>> this is kpix 5 news on the cw. >>> despicable act on a teenage girl shared on social media for all to see. the advice for parents to make sure it never happens again. >>> it's one of a few companies open continuously for more than 140 years. what's behind the demise of the historic sherman clay piano company in the bay area. >>> beyonce and her husband jay-z take a vacation to cuba. why that has caused such a big stir with lawmakers on capitol hill. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. he was passed out at a party when three claz mates allegedly took advantage of her, but her family said it's what happened next that led the south bay teen to take her own life. kpix 5 tells us the tragedy may be a kons kwen of a cruel new social media trend. kit. >> well, liz, this investigation took a total of seven months. detectives confiscated cell phones and computers and conducted several dozen interviews. more information is coming to light. the details are said to be sickening. >> audrie pott got drunk on hard liquor mixed with gay toreade at a house party last september
but very vocal group spent the day at san francisco's city hall calling for an end to gun violence. kpix 5's don knapp has a look at both sides of the debate. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: one of these gun control advocates protesting here at san francisco city hall is mindy. she knows about gun violence firsthand. she was a teenaged camp counselor when she was shot in california in 1999 by white supremacist bowford furrow. >> he walked in and shooting shooting -- started shooting over 70 rounds of ammunition and i was shot twice if the leg. there were five of us wounded that day. as he left the jewish community center he shot and killed a filipino american worker. >> reporter: mindy says the newtown shootings reminded her of her goal of achieving gun control. >> newtown made me feel like a failure. and you know, i've met parents from people from virginia tech who have told me i'm here to remit their children -- represent their chin who did -- children who did not make it and that's a responsibility i am you kn happy to bear. but i can't do it alone. >> reporter: before the rally, two b
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> the man hunt is over and now we're getting our first look at the moment when the second marathon bombing suspect was caught. >> justice is being served for the victims of these terrible crimes. >> the tip that led police right to him. the changes in the older brother that everyone noticed. and why he was on the fbi's radar two years ago. >>> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. a week of terror is finally over. tonight the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody. this photo from moments after he was captured gives us a good idea of what a messed up state he was in. police found the 19-year-old bloodied and hiding in a boat in watertown outside of boston. a tip led police to the suspect, bringing a 24 hour man hunt that locked down the city to an end. let's get right to vanita who is in watertown just outside of boston tonight. >> reporter: the 19-year-old bombing suspect is in the hospital at this hour listed in serious condition. he was apprehended after a massive five-day man hunt. a crowd cheered when the
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> he's officially charged, he's talking, and cooperating with the investigators. what we are learning from the surviving boston bomb suspect. >>> short of peace and love, lost on litter. san francisco's hot new warm weather trend trashing public parks. >>> and for years, it was something of an urban legend, bunot now. who is accused of dumping more than 1,000 poor, mentally ill patients on bay area streets? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> federal investigators think the two men were motivated by religious extremism, but not involved with any terrorist organizations. >> reporter: at 2:50 p.m., only tolling bells broke the silence as the city marked the momentxactly one week after the bombs went off. it was a moment that was shared in the white house and on capitol hill. federal law enforcement turned over control of boylston street to local authorities. the site of the bombings could be reopened to the public as soon as tuesday. it will take longer than that to heal the people that live here. >> everyone you speak to knows someone who h
looking forked evidence. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is there where police and residents on alert. >> reporter: and elizabeth, people here are shook. this is a community where they don't lock their doors, close their windows and now they learn a young girl has been murdered inside her own home. life is not normal in valley springs. sheriff's deputies watch as children are dropped off at the elementary school, where leila fowler was a 3rd grader. she was a great student who was always smiling. today a crisis response team is at school. >> we're seeing students that are fearful. we're seeing students that are sad. >> reporter: investigators are still working out of their command post where they say the 8-year-old was stabbed to death saturday around noon. her 12-year-old brother found her after reportedly seeing a stranger leave the home. the two were home alone. the coroner's office told kpix 5 leila died from shock and hemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds. >> i cannot believe it. i don't understand it. >> reporter: parents are clutching their students tight and so are grandmothe
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> a president issue pardon me. how a compliment turns into a condition controversy. >> a popular bay area event. how the culture and crime made it for a documentary. >> i'm getting kicked off for posting pictures of the most beautiful act a mother can do for their kid. >> another battle over breast- feeding and facebook. how the social media site is defending its decision to pull graphic pictures. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. he called harris the best looking attorney in the country. joe vazquez on the remark that prompted a presidential pardon me. >> the president did speak with attorney general harris last night after he came back from his trip and he called her to apologize for the distraction created by his comment. maybe he was just planning to pay a compliment, but now the white house spokesman is having to answer for it and the president didn't mean to insult anyone. >> he recognizes the challenge women continue to face in the workplace and should not be judged based on appearance. >> the fact the
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >>> bay area paramedics grieving for a colleague. for a second time after a mystery shooting turns into murder. >> vacation interrupted. the offduty bay area police officer saved the day at airport security. >>> and left in the trash and forgotten. the lucky litter of puppies rescued in the nick of time. i'm allen martin in for ken bastida. >> quinn has died two dais after someone shot him while he was driving in the oakland hills. as night, the search is on for the killers and his motive. kpix5's kristen ayers is at the crime scene. kristen. >> reporter: that's right, bower was a dublin resident. authorities announced today that he died around 4:00 today. tonight here at the scene, people are leaving behind flowers at the very spot where his car plunged down a ravine moments after he was shot. black ribbon tied outside the santa clara ambulance station, along with flowers and stuffed animals. >> he was a great guy. he was an amazing paramedic. >> black bands over badges. all in tribute to santa clara county paramedic, quinn bower. bower was
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> shot dead in front of his father, his brother, and more than a dozen other witnesses. the brazen daylight shooting that targeted an antiviolence program. >>> he borrowed more than a quarter million dollars. now the search for the man and the money. >> and the blue angels grounded. the question now, can you have fleet week without the main attraction? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. it was the last thing anyone expected. a man pulled up and started shooting, killing one and injuring two others. it happened in richmond this morning near the intersection of 28th and virginia streets. kpix5, joe vazquez has more on the attack. >> as a participant of the richmond bill of carpentry program, young was working toward success. >> we knew he was trying to do something with his life. now he ain't got one. >> around 11:00 this morning while taking an agility test for the program, a group of students went for a jog around the 300 block of south 28th. witnesses say a car sundayly stopped. a gunman got out
. local safety agencies are stepping up their presence as a result. kpix 5 with a look at what steps authorities are taking tonight. >> reporter: you know this struck a particular cord here in san francisco. here's the story. >> working with the fbi here, we have no reason to suggest that there is any threat to san francisco at this time. >> still from the crowds they gathered at the golden state bridge to next month's beta breakers, there are certainly no shortage of the potential target in the bay area. >> and we're looking at every single event that we have scheduled in our city this week. and every week and every day from here on. >> reporter: much of that job will fall on the shoulders of the police department already stretched thin. >> if anybody sees anything or anyone, right? so if there will be 50,000 people in the beta breakers, the police department and the security are not the only one here on scene. that's 50,000 sets of eyes and ears that have listened. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: but the former fbi agent not
. kpix5's linda ye says the feds are now taking action. >>reporter: they are poor, mentally-ill patients, given one-way greyhound bus tickets, taken from their psychiatric hospital in las vegas and dumped in cities around the country, including san francisco. federal authorities found rawlins neil psychiatric hospital out of compliance. in a warning letter today, action has started to terminate the facility's medicare provider agreement unless the hospital fixes its problems. loses medicare will hurt the hospital's major source of income. san francisco city attorney launched an investigation earlier this week when it was revealed at least three dozen of those patients ended up here. >> i'm gratified that the federal government has stepped in to at least provide some additional oversight. >>reporter: it was a sacramento bee investigation that revealed the patient dumping. in one case, 48-year-old james brown was given a bus ticket, three days of medication for his schizophrenia and depression, snacks and instructions to call 911 when he arrived in sacramento. in the days sibs this was re
'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> ken, obviously, security tight there in boston. but tomorrow the president comes to town. have you seen any signs that it's tightening up because of that? >> reporter: you know, the only thing we saw today was just a reluctance by, you know, federal investigators to really talk much about who this guy is or what he was doing and exactly, you know, what they know about the case. as far as the president's visit, they haven't had too much advance information coming from the feds or from investigators about that. and certainly, you know, security here is tight enough for everybody. anybody including the president of the united states. >> they will keep details to themselves. ken bastida, thanks. >>> kpix 5's ann notarangelo shows us how a community is rallying behind a bay area's sixth grader injured in the boston attack. ann. >> reporter: and juliette, mountain mike's is one of just a handful of restaurants and businesses in martinez holding fundraisers for aaron hern's family. the hern family is very well known in this area. they have done a lot for the com
are to be sent to the fbi. you can take a closer look at those pictures on our website, >>> earlier this week, an attack on a bay area substation. and tonight a pretty good indication that someone thinks it could happen again. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is outside a major pg&e facility in fremont where multiple officers are on patrol. linda. >> reporter: well, juliette, gh behind me you can see some of thheavy artillery. police have been here since tuesday when another pg&e substation was attacked by vandals. now, other pg&e facilities are also being fortified. but for security reasons, they are not telling us where or how many. heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotaged two days ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased security. >> report
coverage the boston marathon bombings on kpix 5 and >>> rescue crews are searching for survivors after the massive fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. today the mayor of west, texas said as many as 35 to 40 people are believed to be dead including 10 first responders. at least 160 others were injured. the blast leveled homes and businesses within a five block radius. and it was large enough to register as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. investigators still don't know the cause but are treating the site as a crime scene. >>> and there has been talk about a likely cause being ammonium nitrate a fertilizer and pesticide which is also a powerful explosive that's caused a number of other disasters around the world. we asked reporter amy johnson, could an explosion of this magnitude happen in our state? >> reporter: it was the blast that killed at least 15, injured more than 160 and rocked tom beardsley. >> thank god we no longer carry those products. >> reporter: beardsley is the owner and operator of beardsley & sons an independent family- run fertilizer company i
discussion. the board of supervisors will make a final decision on it on may 14. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> we have learned that station 87 in pittsburg could be one of the stations forced to close. >>> well, if you want proof the economy is rebuilding, look around. chances are you will see a construction crane somewhere. bay area builders are breaking ground left and right and leaving the recession in the dust. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington telling us what's driving this remarkable rebound. >> reporter: allen, all you have to do is drive down the highway from san francisco to san jose to see all of these construction projects happening in our area including this one, the santa clara gateway office campus. economists say the bay area is bouncing back from the recession faster than most other places creating jobs for white and blue collar workers. >> earthquake stadium here. it's going to break ground. >> reporter: the president of devcon construction in milpitas says they are busier than in years. currently working on 40 projects in the bay area, including the 49ers santa clara stadium. >>
:00. and as always, we have continuing coverage right here on kpix 5 and our website, >>> 6:08 now. very good news in the weather center this morning. >> we warmed up yesterday and we'll go warmer for the weekend. as we look toward the bay bridge , just before sunrise what a beautiful start to the morning. as we have mostly clear skies around the bay starting out a bit chilly in santa rosa. but not bad. 42 degrees. 44 at concord. 54 at oakland and in livermore, 42 degrees. san francisco has 52 in the city right now. and it will warm up today. san francisco yesterday hit 65, today up to 69. san jose hit 77 and that's 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. pretty much the same story at concord, livermore and santa rosa, will all be coming up today in the mid-80s by next week. mid-80s by monday, tuesday and wednesday, looks like a good beach weekend. more details when we do weather in about 10 minutes. that's weather. here's traffic. >>> the numbers keep creeping up especially inland. all right. thank you, brian. we have big problems right now. traveling westbound 580, traffic is nearly at a sta
of it as a blue blooded sport, the event will be a boost for the city's unemployed. kpix 5 anne makovec was in san francisco today where lots of people turned up loping to sail away with job. >> reporter: among the dozens of people filling out job applications today we found debbie anderson. >> my big skill is people communications, i've dealt with multimillion dollar deals for years. >> reporter: after the new america's cup pavilion. >> as a woman that came from high -- high yield income it's difficult finding a job. >> reporter: she used to represent a fruit company making international deals. the jobs available here? ticket takers and maintenance workers. and every time she goes for an interview, she hears the same thing. >> you almost seem overqualified. >> yeah i'm very overqualified actually. >> reporter: but a job is a job. carl gordon knows that. he's already got two of them. >> my current job is part-time -- 3 # hours a week and i also work from home doing business development on my own. >> reporter: he's looking for a third in a job market that's still proving difficult five years after
's democratic party is meeting this weekend to discuss the party's future plans. but kpix 5's anne makovec says there are challenges. >> reporter: it's the largest gathering of democrats in california since the party's historic election victories last november. >> i'm having a great time. >> absolutely outstanding. >> reporter: california democrats are celebrating winning a two-thirds majority in both houses of the state legislature. and the passage of prop 30 a new tax measure giving them more money to spend on their priorities. >> imeducation. implement the in infrastructure. >> reporter: things might be smelling like roses for democrats here at the capitol but thsame capitol hill where congressional democrats are trying to retake the house of representatives. >> we need to win 17 and we'll have at least three times that many in play in order to do that. >> reporter: they lost the democratic majority in 2010 and pelosi lost her position as speaker of the house. >> but now we go back out there with plenty of opportunity. a more awareness on the part o
marathon bombings continues here on kpix 5 and we also added a link to the one fund donation site for people affected by last week's events. >>> developing news on a terror plot broken up by canadian authorities. they say two men were scheming to derail a passenger train in the toronto area. authorities say the suspects were in the planning phase for that attack and they were getting some outside help. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. >> the ects have been under surveillance for more than a year. authorities say the terrorist plot was not linked to the boston marathon bombings. >>> air travelers may need to pack their patience. the warning from airports, expect flight delays or cancellations. kpix 5's ken bastida is live with mobile5 at sfo to explain the faa furloughs triggered by budget cuts. >> reporter: yeah, juliette. this thing has been threatened for the past several weeks now. the faa over the weekend going ahead and instituting the sequestration cutbacks. essentially, this means about a 10% reduction for all the faa control
piece together the evidence. kpix 5's ken bastida joins us live from boston. >> reporter: how are you doing, allen? we are at the westin hotel where, as you heard from vinita nair, the third news conference has been canceled now. the room was full of reporters from not only here in the u.s. but all around the world. no new information tonight, in terms of what the federal investigators are telling us. meanwhile, the main story is still back out on the street where boston police have had a heck of a week by any standard. but they haven't had to go it alone. >>> reporter: the security response to the blasts monday were almost instantaneous. police, fire, national guard, all descending on boston within minutes. in the ensuing days, police have come in from all over the country, guys like new york city police officer vinnie zapola, just to help out on his day off. >> i'm sure they're tired. you know, i said to one of the guys this morning, i said, you know, at the end of your 12 when you go home, you'll be stressed out but give your loved ones a hug. that helps. >> reporter: he and his p
. but kpix 5's kpix 5's da lin found out it may be too little too late. [ yelling and cursing ] >> reporter: a parent gave kpix 5 this cell phone video. it shows a fight between a substitute teacher and a student at alliance academy. surrounded by fences, this is one of the toughest middle schools in east oakland. with only 360 students, ages 10 to 13, already this year 5 expulsions and 13 police visits. a parent calls it -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: out of a total of 13 teachers at alliance this year, 10 are new. the turnover rate is much higher here than the district average of 14%. >> this is a high needs school. when i'm here, i feel like i owe them 150% every time i'm here. and as a result of that, i feel like i have burnt-out. i have treated this like a sprint and not a marathon. >> reporter: in fact, two of the three teachers i interviewed will leave oakland after the school year. the third teacher is on the fenc the district is well aware of the problem. >> you get in a cycle where you're constantly placing new teachers. those teachers leave after a couple of years. and it crea
his olds mobile into the wal-mart on story road in san jose and started beating people up. kpix joe vazquez shows us what it was like inside that store right after the crash. joe? >> reporter: allen, you can see the front entrance here all boarded up. otherwise shoppers are going about their business. i spoke to a man who tells me that, you know, it was just the same kind of normal when that man came crashing through. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: he was shopping in the pharmacy seion when he heard the noise. he took his phone out and started shooting this video. >> it was loud. i thought it was an earthquake, a lot of things went in my mind. >> reporter: no earthquake, but a car that crashed through the front window. that's not all. police say the driver, 33-year- old hamid got out and started swinging in what appeared to be a metal bar, cracking an employee over the head. they catch a glimpse of the chaos after other shoppers tackled the driver and held him down for police. >> that's the gu the driver right there. >> reporter: what were people doing around him? >> they're trying t
they are going to do toxicology tests. they could take several weeks. reporting live in santa rosa, kpix5. >> those powerful winds aren't just causing problems here in the bay area. they are driving a 50-acre wild fire in venturea county. the fire appears to be burning away from homes. firefighters have yet to establish any containment lines. back here in the bay area, the winds were strong enough to uproot trees. one took out a backstop at park side square and just across the field, another fallen tree toppled into a house. that homeowner was lucky, the owner of this was not. the pickup bed took the brunt of the fall. >> and in san francisco, so much sand blew in from ocean beach. the city had to call in bulldozers to clear the great highway and tonight, those still working to do just that. these are live pictures from lincoln way where the great highway is still closed at this hour. all the way south to skyline boulevard. more on the wind and what is next, here is paul. >> this was an 18 hour wind event, started at midnight and didn't begin to let up until 6:00 this evening. these
on may 8th. on treasure island, kpix5. >> the bay area toll authority has still not decided how to fix the bridge compromised by the broken bolts. that decision will likely be made on may 8th. >>> federal budget cuts known as sequester has people looking at terror targets in san francisco bay. including the golden gate and bay bridges and the intake vents for b.a.r.t. crews are concentrating right now on search and rescue missions. >>> budget cuts are about to hit thousands of people in california. starting today they will see their unemployment benefits cut to 18%. only to federal benefits that kick in after someone oozed -- used up to 26 weeks of state benefits. max of $450 it will cut it $75. >>> a tragedy is unfolding. an 8-year-old girl was found stabbed to death in her valley springs home. the police have a couple of witnesses and the search is on for her killer. as cbs reporter tells us the girl's brother is not being ruled out as a suspect. rob? >> reporter: this really is a rural area. many families describing it they leave their doors unlocked at night. yesterday evening, q
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi , everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a man hunt is in 4th day of killer of an 8 year old girl. there's now a memorial of stuffed animals outside leila fowler's home. it appears an intruder intented to attack her. and investigators are still trying to determine the suspect's identity. the house is still a crime scene and parents around town say they are keeping their kids at home. elissa harrington gives us an update. >> reporter: a pink bicycle and toys sit in the front yard where 8 year old leila fowler was killed. surrounding the mailbox, stuffed animals and purple ribbons. the house secured with police tape. it's still a crime scene. four days since leila was stabbed to death. and the police still have not made an arrest. >> it's been very scary, you know. we still don't have a suspect. >> you hear the stuff on the news, the different parts of the country and when it's in your own neighborhood, it's close to home and it's an eye opener. >> dropped his son off where leila was a third grader. >> we ke
. good night. >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> two bombs, 15 seconds apart. >> something just blew up! >> ah! . >> tonight, new details about the deadly terrorist attack at the boston marathon. among those hurt, a 12-year-old boy from the bay area. >> i feel like something has been ripped out of my heart. >> the extra precautions here and what local runners saw and heard when the blast went off. >>> good evening. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we still don't know who did it. international terrorists or maybe homegrown. massachusetts state police searched a boston area apartment as a part of their investigation. they won't say what, if anything, they found. at least three people died in the attack, including an eight- year-old boy. people who were there described the scene as a war zone. it's now 2 a.m. in boston. but police are still out in full force. >> reporter: the latest development in this very active crime scene investigation, police are now telling us they are executing a search warrant in a suburban home in boston.
>>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> good afternoon, everyone i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm elizabeth wenger, michelle griego has the day off. >> nails, bb shards of metal, those were some of the objects hurled into the crowd in the finish line yesterday! president obama is calling this an act of terrorism. the fbi still count know who was behind the blast. let's go to randall pinkston. >> nails, bibis, small pieces of mettlal designed to create -- metal designed to create maximum damage when they exploded. >> reporter: the area around the finish line is what police call the most complex crime scene in history. investigators continue to collect and process evidence including bomb fragments and cell phone videos and photos. mourners have been placing flowers at the scene. investigators denied reports that several unexploded bombs were found in the area. >> we only have two devices that aware of device and both devices were involved in the incident. >> reporter: three people were killed and more than 175 others were injured in the two blasts. among
will remain chosed pending the outcome of a review. kpix-5. >>> a fast food iconthat turned a single hot dog stand into a fast food empire has died. john galodi started weinersnitzel in california. he has three50 locations selling 120 million hot dogs a year. the -- 350 locations selling 1tweupbt one 120 million hot dogs a year. he is viverred by a wife and four children. >>> heartbreak for a little league team. the incident that could force it to cancel the rest of its season. >>> and it is not just one but dozens of trucks made topless. the warning drivers just are not seeing. thunder out of a richmond le league team this weekend. they made-off with more thaa thousand dollars worth of equipment and concessions tt help fund the team. k-p-i-x reporter patrick sedillo tes us how it's a big strike our the league. 22 our concession stand hadn pried open about four inche saturday morning. little le >>> how a big strike out for the league. >> i caimin and saw our stand -- i came in and saw our stand was pried open four inches. >> on friday morning, they found the concession stand in nickel park
for the 1906 earthquake event. kpix 5's kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us that even -- kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us that the event has been moved for the first time in decades. >>> reporter: for the first time the event won't happen at lotta's fountain. it will be at union square because of the police activity at market street where the ceremony was supposed to take place. right now i have police chief greg suhr. what is happening? >> reporter: so about 3:00 this morning, there was a suspect with a hooded sweatshirt, black hooded sweatshirt, that was seen by one of the security guards here at 3rd and marketplace a black bag with a solid object down at 701 market street. so obviously, the ceremony was to take place at lotta's fountain just about right now. our personnel cleared the area. you can see the command post behind me, they swept the 700 block of market street with a bomb dog. and then at first -- first attempt was to cut the bag open with our robot. we had a problem with the machine. and so now one of our guys is actually suiting up to see what's in the bag. >> re
coverage of the boston marathon bombings right here on kpix 5 and stay with us. >>> new this morning, five people includi the gunman were shot and killed during a shootout at an apartment complex in seattle. officers say bullets were flying when they arrived at the scene. they tried to help two injured men in the parking lot when one of them reached for a gun. a total of 8 officers opened fire. investigators later found other victims in two different apartments. no word yet on why the shooting occurred. >>> you can expect delays if you are planning on flying anywhere. air traffic controllers are now being furloughed due to the federal spending cuts. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo this morning to tell us how these furloughs could impact bay area airports. good morning. >>> reporter: these furloughs could lead to some major delays at airports not just here in the bay area, but across the country. that is because there are fewer air traffic controllers on the job. the faa called for two furlough days for every two-week period to cut more than $600 million from
redwoods will be popping up all over the world even though they were cut down more than a century ago. kpix 5 reporter don ford explains they're clones. >> reporter: the college of marin is celebrating earth day in a very special way. they are planting three redwood trees, but these are some of the rare he was trees on the planet. clones from ancient coastal redwoods cut down over a century aagain to. this board member dana king. >> this is the genetic twin of the field work stump which was cut down in 1890. >> reporter: this stump was 30 feet wide pass as tall as a 40 story building. scientists have now cloned living trees from that stump. they will grow here under the careful care of tom burke. >> this is one of my children. it's older than me but i still think of it as one of my children. >> reporter: he is the landscaping manager for the college of marin. he cares deeply for all the trees on campus. all 400 acres of them. you're an original tree hugger? >> yeah. i didn't know what a tree hugger was. but as a kid i just used to love to hug trees. >> reporter: ancient tree archive is cel
dropped the toddler about 50 feet away after the mother started yelling. kpix 5 reporter don knapp is in pittsburg with a look at the sketch of the suspect. don? >> reporter: that's right ann. neighbors by the way tell us that they haven't seen many children out of doors today. not in their front yards or not even in the community park here at california seasons. it's a testament to the kind of fear that envelops a neighborhood when parents learn of an attempted child abduction. chaldaic duction friday an -- child abduction friday afternoon, police have continued searches nonstop for the would be kidnapper. he is believed to have attempted to steal a 2-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard in the california seasons development near rain drop circle and snow flake way. >> mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child and unfortunately escaped but at least they did leave the child behind. >> reporter: police say when the mother yelled the startled abductor dropped the child into bushes. the child was upset but not hurt. polic
. the suspect dropped the child a few feet away and then took off. kpix 5 reporter don knapp tells us police have been searching for the suspect ever since. >> reporter: since the attempt child abduction early friday afternoon, police have continued searching nonstop for the would be kidnapper. and parents have been holding their children close. neighbors told kpix 5 they saw few children playing in yds. or the nearby community park. the man they're looking for is believe today have attempt today steal a 2-year-old by grabbing her and running off with her. the child was in the front yard of a home with her mother here in the california seasons development near rain drop circle and snow flake way. >> mom gave chase and fortunately the person dropped the child and unfortunately escaped but at least they did leave the child behind. >> reporter: police say that when the mother yelled the startled abductor dropped the child into bushes. the child was upset but not hurt: police are handing out copies of the accept of the suspect -- sketch of the suspect. he's a 30-year-old white man with blond ha
. >>> the major disasters this week coincided with an emergency drill in one bay area city. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec answers the question, are we ready to respond to a large- scale disaster? [ yelling ] >> reporter: in this scenario it's all pretend but after two major disasters in the u.s. this week, the bombing in boston and the plant explosion in texas, the possibility of a large-scale tragedy here is hitting home. >> what will we do? what will happen? >> reporter: those are the questions that brought hundreds of people to this training drill in san francisco today put on by the fire department's nert, or neighborhood emergency response team. >> the preparation that you do is really going to pay off no matter what the emergency is. >> reporter: in the bay area, we're vulnerable to earthquake, flooding, fire and terrorist attacks. >> absolutely first responders will be there but they will be overwhelmed by an event such as the one in boston. >> reporter: what we saw in boston was volunteers stepping in to help stopping bleeding and saving lives. >> it's kind of brought more seriousness to
to improve in a boston hospital. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in martinez where the community is trying to help the young bombing victim. >> reporter: we are talking about 12-year-old aaron hern. he is still in intensive care at boston children's hospital under sedation and his mother posted on facebook last night that he is doing all right relatively speaking. she says the 12-year-old mass opened his eyes a couple of times and has communicated with nods and that he is okay and comfortable but getting frustrated with his lack of ability to communicate so they are trying to keep him calm and rested. he is due for another surgery today. aaron had gone to boston with his family to cheer on his mom catherine as she ran the marathon and he has shrapnel wounds to his legs, one severe requiring more surgery possibly eventually skin grafts. people here in the bay area are rallying around aaron and his family. rocks on maine a restaurant here in martinez hosted a special dinner with all proceeds going to the hens and they say they will do this every tuesday until the family comes home with all p
you'll see only on kpix 5. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. all stopped here at the shopping center. this is where the suspect met the woman who walked away alive and a hero. 30-year-old jeffly boise car jacked a station wagon at gunpoint before making his way to the shopping center. his mother told police he was on his way to the russian consulate claiming he wanted asylum. he was a boston bombing sympathizer. but he came to this shopping center with the intent of taking her car. the brave woman tried to talk him down as she made a plea for someone to call 911. >>> when he heard the sirens, he said you shouldn't have done that. he said i'm going to take you out. i said what would that prove? he said i'm going to die anyway. and earlier might as well go out with a bang right? >> told kpix 5 he said he already quote took someone out the day before. a source close says he is wanted for murder in oregon. oregon state police are not commenting. as for how this whole thing ended, police say he got spooked by the sirens and tried to runaway. police were able to catch up with him. r
being felt all the way from boston.. to the bay area. kpix 5's ann notarangelo begins our team coverage. ann? live: the heritage high assistant track coach ran t marathon in 2008 and knows a handful of friends running >>> she had a half dozen friends running today. she crossed before tragedy struck. all are okay. >> they said it was utterly chaotic. there's people freaking out. it's the last thing you expect. you don't have a game plan for. that. >> phone communication was difficult at best. many didn't know if friends and loved ones were affected by the blast. many turned to facebook and twit tore get the word out. ray posted on facebook, just so you all know, kristen and i are fine. i was .3 from the finish line. i was taking in the splendor of the moment when i saw the bombs go off. praise be to god at about the 4.10 range. had i been three minutes faster, no telling what my condition might be. >> she says the end of the boston marathon is always quite a seen. runners linger close to the finish, and it's very loud. >> some races out there start with a cannon. it's part of the festivi
in concrete there on the new span behind me. live on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> the new span of the bridge is on schedule to open labor day weekend. >>> two deadly shootings in 24 hours in the city of oakland. the first happened yesterday afternoon. one person was shot and killed on foothill boulevard and then last night again a shooting downtown forcing officers to close down the 12th street bart station. passengers evacuated as officers search for the suspects there. the station did reopen within the hour. the suspects are still on the run. >>> a fire at a homeless shelter in san jose has about 50 residents displaced. most of the people women and children. the fire on south 11th street started after 5:30 yesterday evening when fire crews arrived on the scene they saw smoke and flames shooting from the deck on the third floor of the building. all of the residents able to get out safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but a lot of smoke. >> temperatures coming down out of the 80s and 70s in the valleys. >>> patchy fog thicker and it's made its way inside
on kpix 5 and >>> new this morning, seattle police are now trying to figure out what led to a gun battle that killed five people. officers say bullets were flying when they arrived at the scene. they tried to help two injured men in the parking lot when one of them reached for a gun. 8 officers opened fire. investigators later found other victims in two different apartments. no word on why that shooting occurred up in seattle >>> expect delays if you are planning on flying anywhere today. air traffic controllers are now being furloughed due to the federal spending cuts. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is at sfo to tell us how these furloughs could impact all of our bay area airports. good morning. >> reporter: good rning, frank. not the news that flyers want to hear. these furloughs uld impact delays at airports and we're talking about delays ranging from 10 minutes to an hour that is because there are fewer air traffic controllers on the job this morning. the faa called for two furlough days for every two-week period to cut more than $600 million from the budget. airl
's joke. kpix explains the new sales tax that will be going into effect. >> check your receipts, especially if you're shopping in the bay area cities where the sales tax, they will jump to a whopping 9.5%. voter -- voters in 16 bay area cities and three counties needed to increase the sales tax. and now in santa clara county, they will jump to 8.7 a%. they will road up to 9%. >> i remember going for it. >> i don't pay attention to that as much. >> reporter: they don't seem to be to aware, but the car sales sold two cars this easter, by encouraging buyers not to wait. >> and now i know, you know, i didn't know that it was a huge thing going on. >> reporter: he ended up saving $35, enough for half a tank of gas for his new ride. >> it's not a huge amount of an increase, but it just adds up. >> reporter: they had a reminder for the business owners. >> be prepared to make changes for your cash register and to make sure that you're collecting the right money. when you need to spend money for the state and that you'll need to watch the full amount. >> reporter: and it will be up to $1
>>> this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> now just go to my house. >> an out of control suv runs a man down and plows into a house. >> a dangerous parasite lurking in cats that can cause serious birth defects in humans. the test now recommended for pregnant women. >> oh my gosh, really? >> and we're there as a little girl who was hit with an arrow gets a big surprise from the pop ar who helped her stay calm. >>> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. we have breaking news out of san francisco. four people had to be taken to the hospital after a crash involving this muni bus. it happened just after 8:00 tonight. a pickup truck, the red one you see there, rear ended that 44 bus. both drivers were hurt along with two bus passengers. >>> and take a look at this. an out-of-control suv crashed into a house, but not before it ran a man over. it happened on boise avenue. that's where kit doe is with new information on the driver. >> that driver was able to walk away from this crash with very minor injuries. he's been booked into the santa clara county jail because investig
telling the city do as you're told. >> kpix 5's reporter is here >> reporter: federal judge felton health health says, officials have been stone walling this man, thomas frazier he's the power police reformer charged with cleaning up the oakland police department. in that letter to city officials, the judge said the city shall immediately cease its misguided efforts to constrict the court's orderings. >> there were 4 dozen reforms ordered after a handful of officers were accused of beating suspects. >> the city released a statement saying they look forward to collaborating with the reformer but we caught up with quan. >> i'm not trying to avoid you, but i'm late. >> really quickly, when you said in your statement that you're looking forward to collaborating with him, isn't it more of a court order? >> i think it's a combination. >> it's a court order though? >> there's lots of court orders. i'm late, sweetie. >> clearly not wanting to talk a whole lot. >> you heard her say the city is ready to collaborate. >> the judge has said he is prepared to sanction the city if they don't give the re
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